25 Best Handwriting Fonts For A Personal Touch

25 Best Handwriting Fonts For A Personal Touch | Lettering Daily

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Are you looking for the best handwritten fonts on the market?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will review the 25 best handwriting fonts that will instantly level up your designs.

You will find handwritten fonts in a variety of styles, such as –
Modern, elegant, calligraphy, retro, signature, whimsy, and so much more.

The best part?

Super affordable, along with all the licensing needed for both personal and commercial products.

Make sure to stick to the end for a few bonus tips on how to choose and use handwriting fonts for your projects.

Without any further delays,

Let’s get started!

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1. Mythshire – Vintage Handscript Font

Mythshire is a blend of cursive and personality-rich handwriting styles that gives you a vintage vibe. So for all the vintage-inspired branding, logos, wedding invites, book covers, etc., this authentically flowing font is your one-stop place. 

The Mythshire font includes – 

  • Mythshire .OTF, .TTF, .WOFF
  • 40+ Ligatures
  • Numerals and punctuation
  • Full alternates for both upper and lowercase
  • 14 Ink Splats (in .PSD and Photoshop .ABR brush format)
  • 8 High resolution paper textures (.JPG 6000 x 4000px)

2. Madina – Cursive Handwriting Font

Madina is a cursive font that embraces the modern brush-lettered bouncy strokes to create an exquisite & fun look. With plenty of variations in the letter heights and lots of bouncy curves and loops, this cursive handwriting font serves you well in any situation where your goal is to communicate fun and carefree feeling in your designs. 

Included in this set:

• Madina Script – A handwritten script font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals, and an extensive range of punctuation.
• Madina Script Alt is the second version of Madina Script, with a new set of lowercase characters.
• Madina Script Ornaments includes 30 hand-drawn elements, including end-swashes for first and last letters, olive branches, and flourishes.
• Madina Clean, Madina Clean Alt & Madina Clean Ornaments – Clean versions (no texture) of the above three fonts.

3. Bayshore – 1980’s Inspired Handwriting Font

Bayshore is a font that is inspired by the 1980s in every way. It has a hand-drawn monoline font look with plenty of flairs. This handwriting font is quite popular in the 1980’s hair care products and TV shows. An excellent choice for old-school-inspired designs and modern adaptations with a handwriting look. 

Bayshore offers – 

  • Language support
  • End swashes for each lowercase letter
  • Underline swashes for that extra style
  • 10 Neon glow Photoshop actions

4. Romantically – A Messy Handsript

Want to bring a personal touch to your branding project with a messy handwriting font? Say no more. I am presenting you the Romantically handwriting font. Romantically really gives you a handwritten look, but it manages to retain a high level of readability and classiness. Combined with a sans serif or even a serif font, Romantically is an excellent choice for a personal logotype. 

Romantically offers – 

  • Regular and italic version
  • Language support
  • 417 ligatures
  • Swashes

5. Little Love – Modern Calligraphy Font

Fresh and modern, this cute handwriting font is ideal for pairing two names with a heart. Use it on your greeting cards, posters, wedding invitations, quotes, business cards, mugs, branding materials, gifts, and much more.

Little Love includes – 

  • 2 fonts (bold & regular)
  • help file (with tutorials)
  • repertoire file
  • .OTF, .TTF and .WOFF
  • Includes swashes and ligatures

6. The Mozart Script – Elegant And Classy

If you are a fan of the traditional calligraphy look like me, this font is a perfect choice for you. Early American calligraphy styles inspire the Mozart Script. Formal, gracious, and beautiful are just some ways to describe it. Mozart isn’t just a beautiful handwriting font, it’s also jam-packed with a ton of extras. 

This set includes – 

• MozartScript .TTF with four weights: Thin, Regular, Bold, and Black with an extra thin mainline.
• MozartScriptExt .TTF – a bold version of MozartScript.TTF.
• MozartScriptCutOff .TTF – an option for special programs like MS Word, which do not support OpenType features.
• MozartScript text file with download links for designers who use special programs like Silhouette or similar programs which do not show the entire font family.
• Contextual alternates
• Discretionary ligatures
• Stylistics alternates (600+)
• Compatible with Silhouette & Circuit Design Space
• Help .PDF file with the most common questions and answers.

7. Lenka Morris – Stylish Handwriting Font

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Lenka Morris. A messy and stylish handwriting font designed to add pizazz to your designs and projects. The set includes 57 unique ligatures different from the primary alphabet and nine distinctive icons in the PUA code. This signature-style handwriting font also contains a help file that tells you how to access and use it.

8. Beauty Anthena – Beautiful Calligraphy Font

Beauty Anthena has a classic decorative copper script with a modern touch. Designed with great detail to bring stylish elegance and a clean and feminine look, this calligraphy handwriting font is an excellent choice for modern minimalism and classic expert penmanship styles.

In this font set, you will find – 

  • Beauty-Athena font (OTF,TTF, and WOFF format)
  • Opentype feature: Ligature and nine stylistic set alternates

9. Brachetto – Traditional Script Font

This cursive handwriting font is created by adding a modern and elegant touch to the traditional script style. Brachetto Font set includes contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, standard ligatures, and terminal forms. So have fun with the countless options.

10. Corinthiago – Modern Signature Style Font

Coninthiago is a simple yet elegant handwriting font that is just irresistible. This stylish homage to classic calligraphy script uses varying baselines, gorgeous glyphs, and stunning alternates to create a handwriting font that is simply charming and engaging.

Corinthiago offers several additions to the base font – 

  • Titling alternates
  • Swash alternates
  • Stylistic alternates
  • Ligature and stylistic set

11. Amelia Script – Fine And Draft Version

This revolutionary and modern calligraphy typeface perfectly connects every letter with 150 end swashes. Amelia script is a solid choice for creating wedding invitations, headings, logos, T-shirts, letterheads, signatures, posters, labels, and more! In addition, there are a ton of extras and features that will allow you to create a multitude of designs. 

Amelia Script also offers – 

• Contextual alternates
• Discretionary Ligatures
• Stylistic alternate
• End swashes and Top swashes
• PUA (private use areas)
• Compatible with silhouette & circuit design space

12. Antura Script – Fancy Handwriting Font

Looking for a classic and elegant handwriting font that resembles a calligraphy script? Antura is the perfect choice for you! This classic and formal handwriting font is ideal for – invitations, labels, menus, weddings, books, and so much more. 

Antura also offers – 

  • Stylistic alternates 
  • Unicode PUA – allows full access to all additional characters without having special design software.

13. Hello My Love – Happily Forever Hand Lettered Script

Hello, My Love is a versatile and elegant handwriting font with a modern and fresh feel. The font sweetly dances across the page, working beautifully with all your content. It indeed stands the test of time. Hello My Love is an excellent choice for any design that communicates an elegant and fun look. 

Included in this set:

  • Hello My Love script font
  • Hello My Love ornaments font

14. September Spirit – Handwriting Font Duo

September Spirit is a new hyper-realistic handwritten font duo that keeps it casual. Though the lettering has a carefree feel about it, it is neat enough to be read by all. September Spirit is a perfect choice when your project requires two fonts that work seamlessly together.

This cute handwriting font features – 

  • September Spirit – A fast-flowing handwritten font containing upper & lowercase characters, numerals, and an extensive range of punctuation
  • September Spirit Alt – The second version of September Spirit, with an entirely new set of upper and lowercase characters. 
  • September Spirit All Caps – An uppercase-only font, perfect for pairing with the regular September Spirit fonts to add emphasis to words or phrases
  • September Spirit Extras – A bonus font containing 19 hand-drawn arrows, circles, and underlines.

15. Almost There Script – Fresh Handwriting Typeface

Looking for a fresh, new, funny, exciting, and cute handwriting font? You have come to the right place! Say hello to “Almost There.” This font is a solid choice for any design project after a fun, modern, and feminine look.
Along with the base font, you will find a variety of stylistic alternates.

16. Bluebell – Calligraphy Font

Bluebell is for those who like calligraphy with a modern, handwritten touch. Each letter has a lot of character, thanks to the stylish alternates and elegant swashes. Smooth and flowy are the two main words I would use to characterize this modern-looking font. 

Bluebell font includes – 

  • Upper and lower case
  • Swashes & Alternates
  • Multilingual support
  • Numerals & punctuation

17. Abu Dhabi – Clean Signature Font

The list of the best handwriting fonts would have been incomplete without Abu Dhabi. This unique lettering style looks thrown hastily on the page, yet it still carries elegance. This flowy and unique handwriting font is an excellent choice for designs seeking an energetic and rustic look. 

Abu Dhabi includes – 

  • Ligatures
  • Alternate endings
  • Language support

18. Ms Claudy – Wedding Calligraphy Font

Looking for a font for your wedding invitation, save the date cards, or feminine branding? Claudy is a fantastic choice for that! This cute handwriting font contains an upper and lower case alphabet, numerals, punctuation, ligatures, and tons of stylistic alternates.

19. Borderline – Casual And Modern Calligraphy Font

Handwriting fonts come in many different forms. While some are great for displays, others like the Borderline font are perfect for small projects. This cursive handwriting font offers upper and lower case characters, figures, and ligature standards that help you create text with your unique spin.

20. Andasia – Modern Calligraphy Font

Andasia is modern calligraphy that is elegance and charm personified. This cute handwriting font combines calligraphy elements with a free-flowing and moving baseline. 

Included in this set:

  • Andasia Script
  • Beautiful Ligatures
  • PUA Encoded
  • Numerals and Punctuation
  • Swash (a-z)

21. Glitter – Festive Font With Sparks

The beauty of handwriting fonts is that they all have uniqueness and personality. For instance, take this casual and messy handwriting font; it has a distinct character that attracts our eyes instantly. Those festive sparks at the beginning are to die for.

Glitter comes in two different styles – Regular and clean. While the regular one is more elegant and decorative, the clean font is more feminine. So this one font is sufficient for all of your projects.

22. Gloriant – Signature Script

Gloriant really speaks casual and handwritten. This lovely and elegant font comes in two different font types – Clean and Brush. You can choose either of them, as both will help you bring up your unique look to your text. Personally, I prefer the brush textures more. 

Gloriant also offers – 

  • Stylistic alternates
  • Contextual alternates
  • Swashes
  • Ligatures

23. Diamonda Font – Modern Handwriting

Diamonda Font is a cute modern-looking handwriting font. The increased and irregular spacing between each letter improves readability and gives that unique touch to it. I am really impressed with how well these letters flow and interact with each other. Diamonda is a versatile font that can be used in a multitude of designs. 

Diamonda font includes – 

  • Diamonda .OTF, .TTF
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Numbers & Punctuation
  • PUA Encode
  • Opentype
  • Alternative characters
  • Ligatures

24. Compania – Rough & Energetic

Bold and eye-catching, Compania is a creative dream if you want your text to stand out. Compania is characterized by irregularities, natural dry brush textures, increased spacing, and an energetic flow. Great for headlines, logos, and other similar applications. Compania also offers ligatures, swashes, alternates, and language support.

25. Honeydew Script Calligraphy Font

I round out my list of the best handwriting fonts with this cute handwriting font. Honeydew is a monoline font that offers a modern twist to the classic schoolhouse cursive. Honeydew’s clean and readable lines make it highly versatile in its application. 

Honeydew also offers –

  • 527 glyphs – including the complete Latin alphabet (upper and lowercase)
  • Numbers (lining, old-style, fractions, super/subscript)
  • Punctuation and diacritics
  • Over 40 standard and discretionary ligatures

Tips On Choosing The Right Handwriting Font For Your Project

Wondering which handwriting font can give you the right vibe to compliment your new project? Worry not! Read on for some great tips on finding the best handwriting font for your design. 

Make sure to check your licensing!

It is crucial to make sure that the font you use has the proper licensing needed for you to use. Sure, downloading free fonts is cool, and it might save you a few bucks, but you will quickly realize how limited you are. Most of these free fonts are only for personal use, but in most cases, they never offer any of the extras, language support, etc. Then there is also the fact that many other people are using free fonts, which runs the risk of your design just blending in with everything else that is already out there. The best part is that you dont have to fork out a lot for a premium font, and it gives you all the freedom you need. My advice is to look at it as an investment rather than an expense. 

Style matters!

The most important thing to remember (aside from licensing) is to select a proper handwritten font style for your design. We dont use fonts just to deliver a message, no sir. Fonts communicate much more than just letters. Fonts can express a specific feeling, energy, mood, and much more. Using this concept to your advantage can help you take your design to a whole new level. Check out the image below. I think it perfectly describes this idea 😀

Go For An Appropriate Theme

Speaking of style, you can also pick a specific theme!

Did you know that handwriting fonts are now being made based on specific themes to fit various brands, cultures, and industries? You can find vintage, modern, feminine, calligraphy, and many styles of handwriting fonts. So pick a font that suits the essence of your project.

Choose A Flowing Design

One of the critical characteristics of a great hand lettering font is the natural flowing of letters. They make the font stand out in the crowd. So, take a closer look at the font’s lettering and check whether the characters are correctly connected in an artistic flowing way or not before choosing your handwriting font. You don’t have to worry too much about that when it comes to premium handwritten fonts but make sure to keep an eye out for the free ones.

Find a good font pair for your handwriting font.

When choosing your handwriting fonts, you have to keep them in mind to check whether they are pairable. Don’t you think it is essential that the font you select for the headings should blend perfectly with the other fonts you choose for paragraphs and subheadings? This article might give you some additional insights for font pairing. 

The Handwriting Font Should Always Be Readable

Last but the most critical thing to remember while choosing the best handwriting font is – pick a font that doesn’t impact the user experience and readability. For example, handwriting fonts often make the text slightly harder to read when used in paragraphs and long titles, so try to avoid that. So pick a font that anyone can read with zero effort. A good tip to ensure your handwritten font is functional and readable is to look at it on a smaller scale (from your phone) or further away. If it’s still legible like that, you’re heading in the right direction! 

And maybe one day, you would like to create your own handwritten font. If that’s the case learning the fundamentals of handwriting is a great starting point.

If that’s the case be sure to check out this article on how to improve your handwriting.

Wrapping it up!

Handwriting fonts can give a unique and personal touch to your designs.

On top of that, they have extensive use of design applications. From flyers, logos, product packaging, headlines, t-shirts, I mean, you name it!

Hopefully, our list has helped you find your favorite handwriting font. Let us know which one is your favorite by dropping a comment below 👇.

The same goes if you think we forgot to add some handwritten fonts to our list. 

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