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The Lettering Crate

What’s included in the Lettering Crate?

Practice sheets

Practice sheets are a great way of getting started with calligraphy, and in the Lettering Crate you will be able to find a wide variety of different practice sheets for different styles. Here are a few examples, and you can find more of them once you get access to the Lettering Crate. You will also find a link to every tutorial so you will be fully guided on how to use them. Using the practice sheets is super simple – download them, print them and start building that muscle memory! 

Basic Strokes

Dip pen calligraphy practice sheets

Basic strokes, letterform examples + guidelines
Practice sheet cover-01

Modern calligraphy practice sheets

For both big and small brush pens
Practice sheet flourishing cover-01

Flourishing drills - practice sheets

Four pages filled with flourishing drills
Practice sheet fraktur cover-01

Fraktur calligraphy practice sheets

Get familiar with both minuscules and majuscule Fraktur letters
Practice sheet faux cover-01-01

Faux (fake) calligraphy practice sheets

No brush pen? No problem! Learn how to do calligraphy with any writing tool.

More practice sheets are available in the Lettering Crate!

Procreate brushes

iPad lettering has become a growing trend in the lettering and calligraphy community. In the Lettering Crate you will also be able to find free Procreate brushes and expand your brush library!

30 day lettering planner

The 30-Day hand lettering planner

A free downloadable that will guide you every day for 30 days through your first steps of hand lettering. In order to use it properly, you should check out this article that explains the fundamentals of hand lettering and how to use the 30-day planner. 

But that’s not all!

We constantly keep adding new freebies in the Lettering Crate, and every time we do you will get an update straight to your inbox. We realize how annoying spamming is, and don’t worry
– that’s the last thing we want to do!

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