Loveleigh Loops

Loveleigh Loops is an online educational resource for aspiring letterers, co-founded by twin sisters Jillian Reece and Jordan Truster. Jillian Reece is an analyst-turned-entrepreneur. She gravitates towards a modern brush calligraphy style and loves figuring out step-by-step ways to teach. Her love of art and lettering has turned into a full-time passion and there’s nothing she enjoys more than helping her students achieve their goals. Jordan Truster is an engineer-turned-creative business owner. She specializes in pointed pen, the Copperplate style, and flourishing. Her engineering background influences her approach to teaching calligraphy. She loves to break down complicated concepts into logical steps and teach students how to analyze their work. Jillian and Jordan grow up near Cleveland, Ohio and now live a few houses apart in Dayton, Ohio. They’ve built a highly engaged and supportive online community.