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This is our first post of a new series where we review digital products created by lettering artists worldwide!

Digital products such as brushes, textures, mockups etc. can be valuable assets for your lettering game, and this is why we like to research and review the best ones out there. 

Today we are reviewing an amazing custom made brush bundle for iPad lettering on the Procreate app!


The iPad lettering scene has been increasing in popularity for the past 3+ years, and that’s not surprise considering all the awesome benefits and the convenience of the tool. 

The iPad Pro along with his capabilities has quickly taken over the market as a leading drawing tablet, competing face to face professional tools such as the Wacome Cintiq.

The fact that it saves you money in terms of supplies, you can take it where ever you want, and also –


Yup, the single best sketching apps ever created! (no exaggerations :D) Procreate is a truly amazing app that gives you sooo much creative freedom, however, it would take far too long to describe it all at once here.

Also, it’s time to shift the spotlight to the creator of the AWESOME brush bundle we are reviewing today.


Alif Devan, is a young lettering artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Alif, also known as @devandvan has a particular focus on iPad lettering. After years of steady practicing on the iPad, Alif started creating his own custom made brushes.

Both the DevBrush and the DevBrush 2.0 were great success, but the DevBrush 3.0 is definitely hitting the home run in both quantity and quality.

Let’s get started!


DevBrush 3.0 –

The DevBrush 3.0 is the latest edition of the brush bundles @devandvan offers on his Creative Market store, and since his release it has been turning some heads around the lettering community on Instagram.

The DevBrush 3.0 is divided in two different sections. It consists of 20 different brushes for calligraphy and 15 brushes for hand lettering, sketching etc.


A total of 35 brushes will keep you plenty busy for the following months!

What i really found interesting, and quite awesome about this brush bundle, was how far @devandvan went in order to mimic the real brush pens such as the Ecoline or the Tombow Fudenosuke –

We tested all of the brushes from the bundle, however, we will only review some of our favorites, as for going through all 35 of them would be quite a task 😀


The calligraphy brushes from the bundle –

We played around with the bundle for a few days testing all the brushes, and i was really impressed by the smoothness and the simplicity of usage  of each and single brush in this bundle. 

  • All of the brushes are pressure sensitive and you will be able to create thin and thick strokes with ease, even if you are a complete beginner. 
  • What i really liked was that the streamline setting within the brushes are not turned all the way up to 100%.  The streamline option is very helpful and it’s main purpose is to smooth out your strokes, however keeping it on a lower level allows you to keep an organic touch to your strokes – avoiding that perfectionism.

It’s all sunshine and rainbows so far, but you are probably wondering –

Are there any downsides to the brushes? 

Well, i managed to stumbled upon to a few flaws but nothing that cannot be solved on the spot. 

Let’s review some of our favorites from this awesome bundle!


1. Ecoline Brush

Right of the bat, probably one of my favorites from this bundle is the Ecoline brush. 

It is called like that since the purpose is to try to mimic the real Ecoline brush, and it’s doing a pretty good job at it! 

The lower opacity  in some of the strokes create an interesting effect that can be enhanced even more with some colors!

There is also the Ecoline 2 brush included in the bundle which is quite similar to this one, however it creates a slightly different effect.


2. Hard Brush

The hard brush creates a very intriguing dry effect. Sometimes you will have to repeat the same stroke in order to get more color on that spot, but it’s a small obstacle. 


3. Krink Brush

The Krink brush is supposed to imitate the squeezer marker Krink, and i have to say that it really does! A nice solid monoline stroke combined with a wet mix, is probably the closest you can get to imitating a Krink squeezer – the only thing its missing are the juicy color drips 😀 


4. Koi Brush

Intended to represent the Koi brush from Sakura. A fun brush to play around with, however i managed to stumble upon a small flaw with it.

You can notice on the image about that all the right sides of the strokes are quite light, well that used to be on the left side which made all the letter connections too visible and it just didn’t felt right.

Simply turn the shape upside down and that’s it! 🙂


5. Pigma Brush

Very cool texture on this one here! Easily create thick and thin strokes, and perhaps the only negative aspect would be like with the hard brush. Some strokes require a repetition, but that’s nothing too serious.


6. Spray Brush

This brush is freaking AMAZING!! 

@devandvan did an amazing job with recreating the effect of a spray paint can. I really enjoy seeing the darker sides of the strokes as well as the lowered opacity which all add up to that spray paint feeling. 


7. Bubble Brush

The bubble brush is so much fun to letter with. Light thin upstrokes and nice dark down strokes, followed by a brighter split line in between. This creates some very nice highlights automatically on the letters!


The brushes for hand lettering

On top of the large variety of the 20 calligraphy brushes, you are also getting 15 different brushes for hand lettering.

Sketching, coloring, details, you name it! 

These extra 15 brushes will give you countless combinations that you can try out on your next lettering piece 

If you are looking to learn and improve your lettering skills, be sure to check out our tutorials for brush lettering and modern calligraphy 

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