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brush pen logo design course review - Lettering Daily

Designing logotypes, t-shirt designs, and custom lettering in general, is just some of the ways you can monetize your hand lettering and calligraphy artwork.  

Today we are reviewing an amazing crash course that will teach you exactly those skills completely Free! 

It is not easy as it sounds and it requires a high level of dedication, especially to get the things started.

 Luckily thanks to the internet, today you have the opportunity to learn valuable skills from a true professional with years of experience in the industry.

brush pen logo design course review - Lettering Daily

In collaboration with Skillshare,

we are able to offer you 2 months of FREE unlimited premium membership, which means that not only you will be able to take this course for free, but you will get access to 17.000 different online classes taught by industry professionals

(almost 300 online classes on hand lettering!).

You will be able to explore different topics in the fields of creativity, business, technology and much more!  


Work smart and not hard.


Matt Vergotis is a self-taught graphic designer from Gold Coast, Australia.

He specializes in Corporate Identity and Typography. 

Vergotis has been working in the graphic design industry for 20 years and has been self-employed for 8 years.

To see more of his work you can follow his Instagram page @mattvergotis. 

brush pen logo design course review - Lettering Daily


This class is for anyone who is a hand lettering/calligraphy enthusiast looking to broaden their skill range, and potentially (with lots of work) turn their hobby into a full-time career. 

Also, those who are just getting to know the world of hand lettering and calligraphy, have the opportunity to learn some in-depth techniques and improve drastically their skills.

brush pen logo design course review - Lettering Daily

Matt states in his very warm and friendly intro to the course that the class will mostly cover basic calligraphy lettering techniques and proper professional logo designing execution.

Matt gives live demonstrations throughout the 2 hour plus run time of the course as well as gives the student a rundown of the basic tools needed.  

Matt will show you all sorts of different pens and how they affect your lettering. However, Matt is quick to explain that you don’t need fancy pens to excel at this skill.

brush pen logo design course review - Lettering Daily

New learners will start out by learning about all the tools that Matt has at his disposal.

Then, you will move on to some basic exercises that will help you get a feel for the art. 

Building muscle memory is very important when learning calligraphy.

Matt will show you how to do thus in addition to identifying motifs, ligature explorations, bringing your design to the computer, vectorizing the logo, and applying a mark and tagline to the logo.

brush pen logo design course review - Lettering Daily

Being a left-handed lettering artist himself, Matt understands the struggle and includes a dedicated section for the left-handed audience with a few nifty and awesome tips! 



The Brushpen Logo Design course taught by Matt Vergotis is a great time investment if you want to learn more about lettering and calligraphy, design your own logo, or if you are just starting out in the graphic design industry.

Vergotis keeps the lessons very brief and simple throughout most of the course and he succeeds at making the material accessible to everyone.

As he states himself, with lots of practice anyone could do this. 

Click below to start the ”Brushpen logo design” crash course for free!

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